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PCJ 600
Sabre Turbo
Haitian Voodoo

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People You Can Work For

Sonny Forelli-

Sonny Forelli is your old mob boss. He sends you to Vice City to undertake a big drug deal that goes sour, when you give Sonny the bad news he isn't to pleased and will frequently ring you and ask for an update on where his god damn money is!


Ken Rosenberg-

Ken is the first person you work for when you come to Vice City. He is a very frustrated and panicy lawyer. He is the one who takes you in once you come to Vice City and sticks with you throughout the whole game. You can find Rosenberg at his law firm near the VC police HQ.


Colonel Juan Cortez-

Cortez owns a huge yacht out at the marina and is one of your very early employers and is very dignified, loyal and true to his word. He is also the father of the saucy and tantalising Mercedes, she helps you out with lots of your missions and is always up for a good time. You can find him on his yacht at the marina along Ocean Drive.


Avery Carrington-

Avery is an old-fashioned bloke who enjoys the odd drink and odd real estate sale. He is a real estate tycoon in Vice City and has a lot of power in the area. He sees a lot of potential in Tommy and he thinks he is a hard working good man. You can find Avery around Vice Point at the construction site.


Ricardo Diaz-

Riardio is the head honcho of Vice City. He is a big wheeler and dealear and is known by all and feared by many. He is another one of your early employers and treats you well. You can find Ricardio at his huge mansion in Starfish Island.


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Steve Scott-

Steve is a well known porno director and has featured such talent in his flicks as Candy Suxx. When Candy is not with Congressman Alex Shrub she is at Steve's film lot making him millions. You can find Steve at his film studio in Prawn Island.


Kent Paul-

You first meet the English lad at the Malibu Club checking out all the beautiful women Vice City has to offer. Your relationship with Kent starts off a little rocky but Kent soon becomes a good friend. Keep your eyes out for Kent because you can find him all around Vice City, whether it be at the Malibu or hanging with the Scottish rock band, Love Fist.


Mitch Baker-

Mitch is an all american, rock 'n' roll biker. He spends most of his time at the biker club, The Greasy Chopper. You work for Mitch through Kent Paul. One of your missions is to rescue Mitch's bike from some thugs and return it to him.


Aunt Poulet-

Aunt Poulet is the head honcho of the Haitians. She despises the cubans and vice versa. She loves her Haitian boys and cares for them dearly. In one mission for her you have to retrieve her drugs whilst running from the police.


Umberto Robina-

Umberto is the head of the cubans and is always going on about the size of your cojones. He Umberto has pride in his Cuban boys and constantly sends them to butcher Haitians. One exciting mission is when you have to destroy a Haitian sulphur factory.


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