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Airport Little Havana Vice Port Little Haiti Down Town Starfish Island Prawn Island Ocean Beach/Vice Point

This is a full map of Vice City, it also locates the helicopters

The Gangs>>

The Haitians>

The Haitians can be found on the way downtown in Little Haiti. You can work for them with Aunt Poulet sending you out to gun down Cubans and retrieve her drugs. Eventually you will find yourself running from them while they shoot at you. The weapons they wield are colt pistols, and the cars they drive are the hydraulic Haitian Voodoos.

The Cubans>

The Cubans can also be found on the way downtown right next to little Haiti in Little Havana. You can work for a man called Umberto Robina. Your first mission will be to prove your skills by going out on the water with Rico and perform some serious stunts with a speed boat. One of the major missions you have to do is to destroy a Haitian Sulphur factory. The Cubans choose to cruise around town in Cubun Hermes'.

Umberto Robina


The bikers can be found around the greasy chopper. When you work there you will be under the employment of Mitch Baker, a hardcore kick ass biker leader. In one mission you will have to recover Mitch's own bike. They ride through town on Angels.

The Street Gangs>

The Street Gangs can be found pretty much anywhere in Vice City but their main location is in the abandoned houses in Prawn island across the street from the film studios. Unlike most gangs in the game you can't work for these gangs. They choose to drive Gang Burritos.

This is Tommy Vercetti fighting some street thugs

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The Businesses>>

Pole Position (the strip club)>

The Pole Position is one of the cheapest business locations you can buy. It's located next to Ocean Drive. The way to collect revenue at the strip club is to spend roughly $500 on a lap dance.

The Malibu Club>

The Malibu night club is where all the young beautiful people go to dance and to party. This is probably one of the most expensive businesses you can buy but it also produces one of the biggest revenues. To start collecting the revenue you have to beat a series of missions leading up to the final Malibu mission where you have to commit a bank robbery.

that's the Malibu Club in the background

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The Print Works>

The Print Works is again one of the most expensive properties you can buy and again produces one of the biggest revenues. You get to work for old Mr. Kelly and he directs you on how to print money. First you have to get the plates off the Triads and then your in the money!

Sunshine Autos>

You buy the Sunshine Autos car dealership from BJ Smith, an ex footballing tycoon. With this business you can enter yourself in street races and bring in a list of cars, after completing each list you earn a new car in your show room.

BJ Smith

Vercetti Estate>

You unlock Vercitti Estate when you kill your employer, Ricardio Diaz. One of the missions you have to pass is "Copland", where you and Lance Vance have to attack some cops, steal their uniforms and plant a bomb in a police controlled area.

Ricardio Diaz

The Film Studio>

When you purchase the film studio you get to meet porn film director, Steve Scott. One of your early missions is to acquire the talent of porn star, Candy Suxx.

the studio

Candy Suxx

Steve Scott


Pizza Boy- In the Pizza Boy missions you drive a pizza scooter and have to deliver pizza all around town, which you get paid for

Vigilante- In the Vigilante missions you have to serve the people of Vice City by running down and eliminating criminals

The Stadium- In the stadium you can compete in 3 different events.
- Dirt Ring, where you have to complete a varied and adventerous obstacle course on a bike.
- Blood Ring, in which you have to drive through checkpoints while in a destruction derby.
- Hot Ring, where you have to race in a circle and survive the brutality of the other drivers.

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